Rediscovering Kadikoy — Moda, where have you been?

by wasfiyah

All these… in one day of a self-improvised walking tour….

Korfball!  I never knew there was such a game until today.

Korfball! I never knew there was such a game until today.

A walking tour of Kadikoy and Moda in broad day light (versus night time bars and clubs) turns up korfball…. a Dutch game similar to netball and basketball… except it’s played on sand.  This one was on a public court along the Kadikoy coastline.  Who knew??

Tarihi Moda Iskelesi -- Historical Moda Pier

Tarihi Moda Iskelesi — Historical Moda Pier

…. an inexpensive restaurant with a priceless view — right in the middle of the Marmaray Sea in the backyard of Kadikoy — right next to the exclusive and historic members-only Moda Denis Kulubu (Moda Sea Club) envisioned by none other that M.Kamel Ataturk himself….


..a tea garden with $1.25 cups of Turk tea and grand water views…

Cay Bahcesi, Tea Garden with $1.25 for a cup of Turkish tea overlooking the water

in Moda — Cay Bahcesi, Tea Garden


…discovering a historic TramVay (TramWay) other than the famous one in Taksim Square… this one right here on the Asian side of Istanbul…

The old historic TramVay (Tramway..yes)

The old historic TramVay (Tramway..yes) in Kadikoy-Moda…there’s another in Taksim Square


 …..rifle practice over Moda…

Target shooting balloons over the water

Target shooting balloons over the water

…crowd control police at a Fenerbahce football game at Kadikoy, home of Turkey’s no. 1 football team..


…..graffitti art of Kadikoy’s street scene on the walls of a Kadikoy church — yes, there are churches in 99% Muslim Turkey — drawn during the Gezi Park protest of June 2013….



..and a garden cafe that could have been right out of Williamsburgh, Brooklyn/New York….


We are going back to Moda!  Wouldn’t you?