University professors can party too

by wasfiyah


Can you believe these are all university professors?

It has been two weeks since I started my new job on Sept 1 as an English Language teacher in a university in Istanbul.  And last night I saw how hard my colleagues can party.

A teacher’s husband is performing with his band at a Taksim club and the performance starts at 10:30 p.m.  We were there promptly at 10:30 — first ones to get there…. no band, no friends — yet.  How did I know?!

Our first foray back into the night club scene in Taksim in what feels like an interminably long time...

Our first foray back into the night club scene in Taksim in what feels like an interminably long time…


Yucel grabs a bite on a doner

So, we decided to grab a bite on the way to the party… next to the snoozing kitty and some old photographs…


Through Istiklal Street in Taksim Square…


However, at about 10:45 or 10:50, not only did the band show up but EVERYBODY else did too — and the dancing started immediately!  No warm ups needed.  Everyone was ready to go!  Did we miss the pre-party?!


Throughout these last two weeks, I have been filled with admiration at my colleagues’ energy, intelligence, English language mastery, professionalism, dynamism and serious skills and knowledge of their profession.

I now know they can also party hardy.

Somehow I also know that I will continue to be bowled over by these beautiful engaging young women — and men (although I only saw women dancing) — and their dedication to delivering excellence in the classroom teaching English language to fresh incoming Turkish former high school students who have no idea of what university life is all about, much less the degree of English expected in this Turkish and (mostly) English-medium university.

Wish us all luck!!  One more week to go before we open up the campus and welcome 1,000 students…

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2014-2015 School of Languages Faculty, Ozyegin University, Cekmekoy/Istanbul